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On 27 January 2023, the new PASCOW album, SIEBEN, will be released on Rookie Records/Kidnap Music.
PASCOW end the experiments found on the last album JADE. SIEBEN is straightforward, condensed and clear, like no PASCOW album before. Both musically and lyrically. This is despite the fact that the band spent a total of four weeks in recording studio 45 with Kurt Elbelhäuser and Michel Wern, considerably more time than on the previous albums. Punk rock, metal riffs, folk, violins – plus lyrics about dystopia and being an outsider. What sounds like a mixture of horror comes across as cohesive on SIEBEN. In addition, there are a number of guests: Apokalypse Vega from ACHT EIMER HÜHNERHERZEN, NADINE NEVERMORE from NTÄ or the singer HANNA LANDWEHR from Trier are just a few examples.
The mastering of SIEBEN was done by Andi “Dog” Jung in Berlin. The artwork is by André Nossek (Via Grafik), who already designed the cover for DIENE DER PARTY.

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