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**Magic Island **

Having been described as ‘honest pop’, Magic Island’s soundscape is permeated by haunting and unforgettable flavours. With her Berlin-based solo project, the artist weaves together powerful compositions with tangles and twists of her signature weirdness. Starting with experimental compositions on her piano, Magic Island sculpts loops and hooks pulling freely from R&B, experimental pop, soul and mainstream sounds. Magic Island developed her affinity for vocal hooks and harmonies at 13 when she heard the rapper Camron’s album ‘Purple Haze’ and fell in love with the sped-up samples used, realizing that these were actually effected vocals from the soul singer greats. Her inspiration comes from many walks of life and can be hard to categorize within one genre. This year we celebrate the release of her full length album, 'So Wrong', released May 14th 2021.

"So wrong"


CHUALA is an emerging and progressive singer-song writer calling Berlin and London home. Born to a German mother and a Cameroonian father CHUALA's passion for music started at an early age, when she wrote her first song at just 8 years old. CHUALA draws inspiration from a broad spectrum of musical genres and is always looking for innovative ways of merging these into her own music.
The outcome: Lushly layered vocals and rich, swirling harmonies, sometimes soft, sometimes brute sounds of the electric guitar and diffuse, drifting percussions as part of CHUALAS unique soundscape.



Veranstalter*innen: Fem_Pop Konzerte